sábado, abril 30

Indian Summer

I LOVE YOU, the best.better than all the rest.i love you, THE BEST.
Better than all the rest,
that i meet in the SUMMER.

lunes, abril 25

Eternal Kisses of the Flaming Lips

The buzz of LOVE is busy buggin' you Well, they FLY in the air as you comb your HAIR And they're splattered up and down your windshield and the headlights

domingo, abril 17

We are the D!

Kyle's fingers be silver
Jack's voice then be gold
But lest you think we're vain!
We know you're all robots and we don't care
Tenacious D - we reign!

miércoles, abril 13


Ilustraciónes incluidas en el numero 12 (aniversario) de la revista on-line PELOTAZO!
el cuento en cuestión es ¡Feliz Cumple! de Jorge Palomera.